Portable Hand Wash Station Rental

For 20 years, HAF-To-Go has been providing various types of sanitary equipment rentals to the Golden Triangle and Starkville, MS, areas. Many people prefer us for our affordable rates and reputation for providing the highest quality portable sanitary equipment. One of the popular sanitary items we provide is the portable hand wash station.


These fully self contained portable sinks offer 22 gallons of freshwater and can hold 24 gallons of waste water, providing up to 225 hand washes in any setting. We also provide clean water, soap and paper towels, so these affordable units come fully stocked and ready to serve.

The portable hand washing stations offered by HAF-To-Go have deep basins and hands free functions. This means the user has the ability wash their hands in a germ free manner. As everyone knows, proper hand washing plays a vital role to good health. Being able to keep hands clean and as near to germ free as possible ensures that illnesses are kept at bay.

There are numerous settings where a portable sink can be an asset. Just about any job site related to construction or mechanical work will benefit from a portable hand washing station. The same is true for jobs that deal with hazardous materials. Placing these hand washing sinks with holding tanks on job sites ensures that employees can follow safe hand washing standards.

Though very useful on job sites where getting dirty is the norm, these sinks are also great for other situations such as wedding receptions, family reunions, business picnics, or any other similar setting where food is present. Many restaurants use these units for lavish event catering to ensure employees are always working in a sanitary environment. These sinks are especially crucial when working with food.


Providing additional hand washing stations for guests makes portable sanitation available to everyone attending the event. HAF-To-Go offers portable sinks with holding tanks that are large enough to provide plenty of water for washing and room for the waste water as well. Providing a portable sanitation sink for any event is as easy as contacting Haf-To-Go and scheduling the service.

Remember that HAF-To-Go also offers high quality portable toilets and comfortable restroom trailers as well. Most items are self-contained without need for any additional hook ups. Ensure your next event or job site is made safe and convenient with a portable hand washing station. 

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